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U.S. Operations

Petrolia Energy has established a clearly defined strategy to acquire, enhance and redevelop high-quality, resource-in-place assets. We’ve focused our acquisition efforts in core areas in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. We’re also actively pursuing our strategy to offer low-cost operational solutions in established plays, such as the Minerva-Rockdale shallow oil play in Texas, the Dutcher Sands play in Oklahoma and our San Andres play in New Mexico.

Our experienced team applies the same approach to every project that we take on. The key principles are:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Optimization
  3. Innovation

We believe our mix of assets – oil-in-place conventional plays, low-risk oil and gas resource plays and the redevelopment of our late-stage plays – provides a robust foundation for continued growth and returns.

Our Cores US Assets

Twin Lakes San Andres Unit (Permian Basin)
Slick Unit Dutcher Sands (Cherokee Platform)