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International Operations


Southwest Saskatchewan/Southeast Alberta

Our southwest Saskatchewan/ southeast Alberta assets are located in the Basal Mannville and Bakken resource plays. We own a 28% non-operated interest in three separate leases that are all currently producing. With 94% of the land located on the Saskatchewan side of the border; the three leases show a significant potential for infill drilling and EOR implementation to maximize the production levels of our assets.

Our Basal Mannville play is currently waterflooded the current operator has begun implementing a growth plan that includes increased drilling activity and further expansion and development of the waterflood program which has shown significant improvements in decline rates and estimated recovery factors.

The Bakken Play has not implemented any significant enhanced recovery methods to date but are indicating positive results through preliminary testing.

With a total of 64 sections (approximately 41,526 acres) of land (62 net sections), there are also approximately 34 sections of undeveloped land.