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Petrolia Energy Corporation is headquartered in the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas. With over 80 years of Global operational and management experience in all aspects of the energy industry. The company explores energy development potential in oil, gas, solar and wind. Petrolia Energy Corporation’s core focus is on the utilization of, cutting-edge technology as well as the implementation of its own ground breaking, proprietary technologies in order to improve the recoverability of existing oil fields.

Petrolia Energy Corporation’s team of experts has an outstanding record of converting oil fields that are non-compliant and not profitable into compliant, producing, profitable entities. By transforming these unproductive, non-compliant fields into economically viable operations, we deliver a reasonable return on investment for our shareholders while positively impacting the local community with jobs and revenue. Petrolia Energy Corporation is committed to achieving these results by being a good neighbor and partner in the communities in which we operate. This can only be achieved long term with regulatory compliant operations that embrace the concepts of environmental stewardship.

As excellent stewards to the environment, our goal is to improve the environment; both on the field and in the surrounding communities we serve. We firmly believe we can maximize a field’s profitability for our shareholders while protecting the environment and enhancing the community.