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Noack Farm Lease (Navarro Group)

Petrolia Energy owns 100% working interest in this field and is producing from the Minerva-Rockdale Formation. This shallow field consists of approximately 660 acres and has proven to be a steady producer with further developmental potential. With the implementation of sophisticated newer technologies, many of which have been recently developed, the field is experiencing a resurgence of leasing and drilling activity.

Navarro Group

Noack Farm Lease (Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field)

The Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field, located approximately 30 miles northeast of Austin, Texas, was first discovered in 1921 and is approximately 50 square miles in size. The main producing formation for this field is the Upper Cretaceous Navarro Group of sands and shale.

The Navarro Group is typically subdivided into several producing zones from the uppermost “A” and “B” sands to the lower “C” and “D” sands, ranging in depth from approximately 100 to over 3,000 feet (subsea).

Several thin elongated sandy zones within the Kemp clay of the Corsicana (Navarro) Formation are the current targets for oil production. The “B” sand is the primary producing zone. These sands are commonly fine grained and poorly sorted and were deposited close to a shoreline during a cycle of marine regression.

The Minerva-Rockdale Oil Field has produced over 7 million barrels of oil from over 1,500 wells. Many experts believe that the oil recovered from the field in the next decade will surpass all that has been produced previously.

Navarro “B” Sand Formation’s strengths include:

  • High drilling success rates
  • Large 50 square mile field with major expansion opportunity
  • 100% Oil – no natural gas
  • High quality, high gravity oil that sells at a premium to WTI
  • Low drilling and oil production costs
  • Close proximity and excellent access to major refineries
  • Long-lived producing wells
  • Enhanced recovery potential from water-flooding